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New Contributor

gotometing MSI installers


Due to a problem in the download page I was unable to download msi installers for Gotomeeting 8-19, 8-20 and 8.21;

I need them to install via AD.

Does someone can forward them to me?

Thank you

LogMeIn Manager

Re: gotometing MSI installers

Hi @fconsonni


Those 3 versions were not widely deployed and have been replaced by more recent releases, do you have organizer accounts that are trying to use these versions?


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New Contributor

Re: gotometing MSI installers

Thanks Glenn


The users follows meetings organized by variuos partners, and not possible to know which versions they are using.

I need to have all versions pre-installed on  servers (Citrix Xenapp) because users cannot install  anything due to security policies in place.




New Contributor

Re: gotometing MSI installers

We need help getting your garbage software off our company PC’s. Can you please provide an uninstaller script that will 100% eradicate all LogMeIn software from our environment that I can push using our ITSM software BCM? Your company was well run when it was part of Citrix now it’s just garbage we don’t want.
LogMeIn Contributor

Re: gotometing MSI installers

@fkiwergrower  We offer a manual and MSI alternative for uninstalling GoToMeeting.  Please reference this article: