On demand webinar expire from start date?

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On demand webinar expire from start date?

On demand webinar expire from start date?

I'm creating a new event in GoToWebinar choosing the Occurs On Demand option. There is an option to have the webinar available until a fixed calendar date but I would instead prefer to have the webinar available for example 7 days from the start date and then expire. Is it possible to have an ongoing recorded event that customers can purchase but the link expires a set date from purchase instead of on a fixed date?


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Hi @blinberg 


Sorry no, not at this time. This sounds like an interesting Idea though so I am moving this topic to our Community Ideas board.


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Thanks. I see Zoom Webinars has this feature so I thought there might be an option like that here. For now I'm creating a new webinar link each day that expires 7 calendar days later and updating the posted registration link on my site each day. It's tedious but a sort of working solution for the moment.

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@GlennD I recently faced a similar issue to this and couldn't find a solution or previous user comment about it so I thought it best to include it in this thread. Apologies if my comments were better suited elsewhere.


My company also uses the on-demand feature quite regularly however, GTW requires that you set and end date and once that's done, you're unable to change it or extend it. More often then not, we encounter project schedules or other matters that would require that we make the webinar available beyond the original expiration date. Right now, the only viable solution is to create an entirely new event (take the time to reprogram the event to mirror the original) and redistribute the registration link to all parties. It wouldn't be such big of a deal if it were for one or two customers - I'd probably just send them the actual video recording and call it a day. But we're talking hundreds of customers who are expecting the fully interactive features of our on-demand webinars. This is a major headache for us as we then need to redistribute the new access/ registration link and maintain separate event analytics. 


Appreciate your feedback 🙂 




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@RgmTTS  I understand the problem with On-Demand scheduling, and we may be adding more flexibility to these event types soon.  I don't have an exact ETA yet, and we'll update the Community as more info becomes available. 

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The link that leads to the recording of a webinar and is inserted, for example, in the mail that is sent to the participants after the webinar, should become invalid after a self-selected period of time.
So that, for example, 4 weeks after the webinar, you can no longer access the recording, but you also do not have to delete the recording manually.

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Thanks for your idea @jo_css we will share this information with the team.