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GotoWebinar Glitchy?

Is anyone having feedback from attendees that the platform is glitchy? In the past 2 days, I've had complaints about the meeting not starting, audio not connecting and confirmation emails not showing up. I would write it off to user error, but with a half dozen complaints in the last 48 hrs, I'm wondering if there is a bigger issue.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: GotoWebinar Glitchy?

Hi Leigh,

Sorry for any inconsistencies with your Attendees lately.


Those issues you've reported would be supported by several different functions in different parts of the platform, and therefore would be unrelated to each other. 

  1. Connecting to GoToWebinar broadcasts could have many reasons, but testing alternate web browsers and networks is usually the best way to start troubleshooting those.
  2. If there's an integrated audio issue going on, we'd like to know some details within the first 24 hours to track a problem:
    1. the audio type (VoIP Vs. Telephone),
    2. phone number dialed,
    3. exact message seen or heard,
    4. and webinar ID
  3. Emails are another story, where the reasons could include spam filters, unsubscribing to webinar communications, or an email provider / setup problem at their address itself.  We can track some of these if Attendees who are not receiving emails can create a case with Customer Support.

Please let us know if these complaints continue, and if you can gather any environmental details for us to follow.