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Re: LogMeIn Antivirus will not install



I have the same problem.


This is annoying for several reasons:

  • The reboot just happens with no warning on the admin side.
  • No way to prevent or stop the reboot - There should be an option on the admin side to say no forced reboots.
  • The description for failure is useless. "Unable to extract", "Unable to download", "Unable to install"

One machine I managed to get working. I tried the following without success:

  • Removing all group policy
  • Logging into a different local user account

In the end, I...

  • Logged onto the remote machine, set the install to run in the admin page.
  • Copied the installation files from c:\windows\temp\LogMeInAV before they were auto deleted again.
  • Waited for the reboot and then manually installed it using the copied files.
  • Error came up about MalwareBytes being installed (Helpful thanks! Why not mention that on admin side?). That was the thing causing reboots - it was trying to remove it I think.
  • Manually removed malware bytes (it wasn't really installed - it was a ghost in add/remove programs).
  • Installed using the copied files manually - install complete!
  • Admin side showing installed but no policy applied and still the red triangle?? Still won't install from admin.
  • Manually uninstalled LMI AV, rebooted
  • Used admin page to install AGAIN!
  • Reboot, success!

What we really need is some way to just get a failure without the auto-reboot. I can't mass rollout this solution if I don't know when the machines will reboot. Not all users are online at the same time. I'd rather it just fail the install on these machines with no reboot and then I can come back to them later!

Some better failure message would also be useful. I'm sure there is some log on the host machine but having access to it from the console side would be much preferred.


I hope this process helps someone without having to flatten the whole machine. I think downloading the LMI AV install and manually installing could help you in this situation.


Now on to the other hundreds of machines... Wish me luck




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Re: LogMeIn Antivirus will not install

We had experiencing the same issue, and we have received this morning an email LogmeIn support:

Oct. 20, 2020


  • The new version of LogMeIn AV install now runs without errors on operating systems that have Windows Updates KB4580347 and KB4579311 (Oct 13) deployed.


I wish this could help you, cause i try to reinstall this morning and it works.

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