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New Contributor

Better to Use Go to Meeting or Go to Webinar?

I will be giving a presentation to several colleges. I will show my screen and my webcam. Each location will have dozens of people watching the presentation and potentially asking questions. Is it better that I use Go to Meeting or Go to Webinar or doesn't matter? Thanks.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Better to Use Go to Meeting or Go to Webinar?

Hi David,

GoToMeeting has the same basic functionality that GoToWebinar, when you're addressing a room of less than 100 participants.  Where they vary is in the advanced audience controls, analytics, recording management, and email services. 


My advice to you if working with new, unknown attendees is twofold:

  1. Dial into the conference early as the Organizer, and press *5 on your telephone keypad to cycle through the muting commands until you reach the 'hard-mute' option.  This will ensure you have no interruptions from late attendees.
  2. Disable the Attendees ability to Chat and see the Attendee List until the very end, when you are ready to field questions.

** GoToWebinar does these things automatically, and is designed for larger audiences with more attendee control.