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New Contributor

Blocking a participant temporarily

Is there a way for the moderator to be able to block out one participant from hearing/seeing/being heard by the other participants temporarily? For example if you are shuttling negotiations and require elements to be confidential, can you shut someone out until the confidential elements have been discussed and then reintroduce that blocked participant.
The only thing I can see is to boot them off the video meeting and ask them to request to rejoin again, and then only allow them in when ready. Not a slick as as I was hoping.
Thanks for your help.
LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Blocking a participant temporarily

Hi Toby,

The only alternative we offer currently is GoToTraining's Breakout ability, where you may send groups of attendees into their own room while you continue to manage the entire audience.  This isn't exactly what you're asking, but I mention it because it can simulate the ability.