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Bluetooth headset is automatically unmuted by GoToMeeting

I've seen this issue addressed before but no real answer was provided.


I'm using a Plantronics bluetooth headset that has a hardware Mute button (Plantronics Focus). Until some time ago the hardware mute/unmute was working fine for me (although it would have been nice if there was a real integration with GTM). Some time ago (2 months or so) it stopped functioning: as soon as I mute my headset using the hardware button GoToMeeting immediatly unmutes it again.

That is very annoying since the whole usability of a wireless headset is now reduced. When using other conference systems the hardware button is functioning fine (even better actually since most have a real integration).


Is there any fix for this issue?

Current version of GTM (Windows) is 8.38.1 Build 11282

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