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GTM Not Launching Calendar new meeting window


I have a new laptop, Windows 10, Office 2016.

VS 2010 installed, and then I installed GTM Outlook plugin. 

In Outlook, when I click on GTM Schedule Meeting button, nothing happens. I see the mouse spinning circle for 2-3 seconds, then nothing. 

I noticed that after initial install of GTM plugin, there was not pop.up window to Allow access, for meeting from Outlook to GoTo ( step 3 from the GTM installation )

it looks like GTM is not allowed to create meetings in Outlook calendar.

any suggestions ? maybe some registry settings..



LogMeIn Manager

Re: GTM Not Launching Calendar new meeting window

Hi @ganjda 


I would suggest clicking Add-ins at the top of Outlook and clicking on GoToMeeting (if it is displayed), and then one of the options in the menu as it sounds like you were not prompted to enter your GoToMeeting credentials yet,



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Re: GTM Not Launching Calendar new meeting window

I reinstalled Office standard edition and installed Office Home and Business. then it worked... no idea what caused this, because we are using Standard edition on other computer and didn`t have the problem...