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New Contributor

GoToMeeting Proxy Settings on macOS (Catalina)


Our company manages a handful of macOS devices that VPN back to the office and are configured with an Automatic Proxy Configruation File (.pac) for internet access. 


I am trying to set up the LogMeIn GoToMeeting application on macOS (Catalina to be specific -v10.15.2) with the PAC file in place; however, it seems that the GoToMeeting application is not honoring the PAC file, and is just trying to go straight out via a direct connection.


Does anyone know if the macOS GoToMeeting application (v10.0.1.14649) is proxy/PAC file aware? If it is aware, does anyone know how to configure this?


I took a look in the application preferences, and I do not see anything related to Proxy settings. I also looked if there was any type of .plist config for the GoToMeeting app, but I didn't come across anything. 


Any help would be greatly apprecaited.


Thank you, 

Matt R.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: GoToMeeting Proxy Settings on macOS (Catalina)

Hi Matt,

If you have a specific proxy that you plan to run through, you may be able to run the advanced GoTo Connection Wizard and specify these during the process:


New Contributor

Re: GoToMeeting Proxy Settings on macOS (Catalina)

@AshC , 

Thanks for the recommendation; however, it looks like the GoToMeeting Connection Wizard is for Windows devices only and not macOS, so this will not work for my situation.