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New Contributor

GoToMeeting client maintains an exclusive lock on bluetooth microphone after app is closed

This is kind of an annoyance rather than a major issue. 

But it seems that the GoToMeeting client maintains an exclusive lock on Bluetooth microphones even if you exit out of the application. 


You can't use the Bluetooth Microphone in another application until you disable and re-enable bluetooth on Windows (Windows 10) . 


For example, if using Skype For Business or Microsoft Teams to do peer to peer calling, then join a GoToMEeting, you are able to use the audio device in GoToMeeting.


However, after you exit GoToMeeting (and exit via the system tray so it's fully closed)  you can't use the bluetooth device in Skype For Business or Teams until you shut off bluetooth and turn it back on again. 


This seems to be a bug in the way GoToMeeting is coded as other apps don't maintain an exclusive lock on Bluetooth audio devices even after they are closed.