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How to accept GoToMeeting invite inside corporate environment?


Most home and small business users run Mac or Windows using administrator accounts and with little or no firewall protection. That´s not the case with corporate corporate and business users where the  "GoToMeeting Installer.exe" refuses to run in limited user accounts (LUA + SRP), with endpoint protection software and applicaton level firewall control.  Is this software always supposed to be run in administrator accounts?


We have a few clients that send us some GoToMeeting links but the processs to run the executable that downloads other files and run them in a temporary directory makes it a pain (it was necessary to install a virtual  machine running as administrator only to open a link but imagine doing that in larger company with hundreds of machines).  Is there a solution to deploy a standalone global installation (ie.  C:\Program Files\GoToMeeting)  that will recognize  the links (URI) or something else (a number like Teamviewer) with a defined firewall rule set?


Why in 2019 this type of application can´t be made to run online inside modern HTML5 browsers like Chrome, Quantum or Edge without requiring installation and messing with firewall rules ?


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Re: How to accept GoToMeeting invite inside corporate environment?

Hi Alex,

We have some solutions for corporate environments that include a web app (no downloads required unless presenting your desktop), and the MSI Outlook setup available to administrators.  Users may also choose to schedule online, or through their desktop application if needed.