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Sharing the screen and seeing webcam

We use GoToMeeting for all staff meetings across our 3 offices. We've always just used the screensharing and it's worked great. We'd just added webcams to all of the meeting rooms and I'm trying to figure out a way to use those as well. Is it possible for me to share the screen (just a PowerPoint) but also have the other 2 office's webcam display on the side or bottom? Alternatively, the users at the other 2 offices would see the PowerPoint displayed and also see the other 2 offices.



New Contributor

Re: Sharing the screen and seeing webcam

After doing some checking, it looks like the other 2 locations are seeing exactly what I'd like to see. They have the shared PowerPoint at the bottom and the 3 webcams across the top. However, at our main location which is the presenter, the cameras don't dock like that. How can I get the presenting computer to look the same?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Sharing the screen and seeing webcam

@iowahawkit  Do you have a screen shot for comparison by any chance?


It sounds like you may be referencing a single display system though, which will conflict with PowerPoint if that's in full screen presentation mode. In this case, you can try the following settings to keep the GoToMeeting window and other webcams floating above PowerPoint while you broadcast:

  1. Open Powerpoint
  2. Click Slideshow
  3. Select Set up Show
  4. Select Browsed by an individual (window)
  5. Use the Specific Application Sharing screen sharing method in GoTo to share just the PowerPoint application