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How to remove "Mic, Camera, Screen and Leave" icons from the bottom of the screen?

Can't remove "Mic, Camera, Screen and Leave" icons from the bottom of the screen after joining a meeting. as soon as I start using my mouse they appear and disappear after some idle time.


GoToMeeting version: 10.3.0 Build 15502

OS: Windows 7


Please help to remove them.

Thanks in advance!

Main Pal


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Re: old G2M

exactly that entry disappeared from my Preferences - Meeting
means, I cannot switch back to the old interface anymore
and another user cannot switch to the new one as lacking that entry also

We both are on 13.3.0 Build 15502

I am sure I had it before as I was trying to switch back and forth to see if that works
What's wrong here?

LogMeIn Manager

Re: old G2M



If you wish to switch back to the previous GoToMeeting interface you can still do so by signing into your account on the website, click Settings and then New Experience.



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Re: old G2M

The new UI makes using GotoMeeting with multiple screens completely useless .


When sharing your screen, the cameras go to a tiny vertical bar that cannot be resized horizontally.  And if you try to make the "controls" duck into the mini-control mode the cameras vanish altogether.  Our team uses GTM primarily for teleconferences with multiple monitors so we can be sharing but yet still see everyone. 


Way to completely ruin the user experience.


I have reverted to the old UI via settings.  At least until you remove that option and force everyone to use the new UI.  Hopefully by that point you will have fixed all the new "features" to make them usable.

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Re: old G2M

OK Glenn, I did so and it worked; back in the old interface  I see:
1) there is no way switch back to the new interface 

and wonder
2) why switch back gets demonstrated in the Youtube Video published,

through local Clients Preferences, if it has been removed from there?
I sent out that instructions to all my users and now get tons of requests that they don't see it (as I)



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Re: Switch back to the old GoToMeeting interface

i cant switch to the old version, please help

new version verey confusing

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Re: old G2M


your reply with this screen shot sharing helped me in resolving my query