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Re: Switch back to the old GoToMeeting interface

Absolutely agree. I used the GoToMeeting Hub above to switch back to the old interface, but if I'm ever forced back into the "new" interface, I'll immediately start looking elsewhere.
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Re: old G2M

the old interface was not great or intuitive but the new surprise interface is abysmal clearly designed by the C- team, not thought through, not conscious of user needs, inelegant, poorly executed, horribly designed in general. To compound the miserable effort, it was dumped on us without warning screwed up multiple important company meetings because it's so unintuitive. features, buttons, and choices are hidden away in too many places (menus, buttons, windows) without rhyme or reason. Windowing workflow is annoying. An effort of amateurs or incompetents. Was this a pilot project for a high school student class? I'm a longtime gotomeeting user I convinced my company to use the software years ago. I am now looking at competing products to switch.

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Re: old G2M

Your new interface on gotowebinar IS HORRIBLE!

There is a reason NO ONE wants to use it! IT'S HUGE AND GAWKY and not user friendly the images are TO BIG to pull a report that could once be seen in it's entirety on one page now requries ENDLESS SCROLLING!!
How does THIS HELP US!!! >????????????

Please allow us to go back to the old interface and NOT FORCE this on us.


I would rather change webinar providers than use this horrible interface....


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Re: old G2M

The new interface is aweful. It exposes everyone's emails too. My people are getting emails from competion. It allows emails to be copied. No privacy

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Re: old G2M

Just wanted to add that the new User Interface is absolutely terrible.  I had always felt like G2M was the screensharing app for Power Users who needed to get real things done, effectively.  Cartoony apps like Zoom were for those users who just wanted to talk and see faces, while they were looking at pretty cartoon interfaces that they couldn't figure out on their own no matter how dumbed down it was.  I'm glad to see that I'm not alone in thinking that when a company forgets why their users may have chosen their product over a competitor, and then copies the worst ideas of said competitor, that it's time to start looking elsewhere.

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New UI Design Is Terrible: How Do I Change Back To The Classic GoTo Meeting View (12-21-2020)



The article for the "How do I go back to the old GoToMeeting?" answer is outdated.


There's a new view that's forced upon users on December 21, 2020, and I can't get back to the Classic View.


The new view is terrible as I only use 1 monitor, and it takes up such a large space, and is a UI mess.


Change it so that the bar is along the SIDES of the screen so that screen sharing could show the tabs of a given web browser.


Or, just bring back classic view.


I mention this because not everyone has two monitor setups, nor wants to be forced to use one just to get past terrible UI decisions.

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Re: New UI Design Is Terrible: How Do I Change Back To The Classic GoTo Meeting View (12-21-2020)

100% this. 


While there are some cool new ideas (share rectangle!), the inability to customize and save a default starting view is a time-sucking disaster.  The default view gives up the top half of the screen to webcams--even if none are in use--and leaves only half the vertical real estate for screen sharing.  That leaves full-screen sharing unreadable while 70% of the screen on an ultrawide monitor goes unused.  Allowing the customization (AND SAVING) of a default starting layout would fix this.  Otherwise, the buttons are too big and layout hugely inefficient, so valuable real estate is lost.  Many users wish to attend or present a GoToMeeting while leaving part of an oversized monitor free for other tasks.  The more invisible this product can become, the more valuable it is.

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Re: New UI Design Is Terrible: How Do I Change Back To The Classic GoTo Meeting View (12-21-2020)



You will find instructions here:


Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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Re: New UI Design Is Terrible: How Do I Change Back To The Classic GoTo Meeting View (12-21-2020)

The new UI really is terrible in many ways. 

No ability to detach windows?  Well, you can detach webcams, but that's pretty useless.  What is needed is to detach the presenter window so you can make that full screen on one monitor and have all your tools (cams, chat, list, etc etc) on the other.  You know, like we used to have in the old UI.  More insulting, the KB that was linked here shows what is needed, but is not possible (unless there is a hidden feature which is not mentioned).

Only by accident did I find that if you click the % indicator between the + and - does it scale to window.  It should do this by default.  Clicking around zooming and panning was terrible before finding this.  That said, it seems to only work on some computers, unknown why it doesn't work on others.  Why would you make something so basic so difficult.

If we wanted to use Zoom we'd use zoom, and well, that's free.  We pay for GtM to have a professional level tool, and that's been taken away.  Restore it, or we'll simply drop our subscription I guess.

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Re: New UI Design Is Terrible: How Do I Change Back To The Classic GoTo Meeting View (12-21-2020)

I tried accessing your article, and again, its outdated since it DOES NOT work:


It doesn't work at all as the "New Experience" portion isn't even present on my GoTo Meeting account, so there is currently no way to disable the flawed new UI.


Here's a related screenshot:


GoTo Meeting Terrible UI Can't Be Disabled Due To New Experience Tab Not Present.png


Next Steps:

Fix this by allowing people to actually change the UI along the sides of the screen, make it smaller, allow the Classic View permanently, etc.


I am a bit mad because I actually preferred GoTo Meeting over WebEx, but now, its going downhill.


I say this because I don't like how you guys are flat out saying "Well, here's the UI change, DEAL WITH IT and you can't change it back later" --> WHAT?


Give the user some choice. Is it that hard to make a decent UI given how many GUI frameworks exist on the modern web these days?