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bypass gotomeeting room password

Our gotomeeting room is usually setup with a password, computer audio only.  So all attendees have to use computer or smartphone app to enter the room and they have to enter correct password.


But we discover someone else get into the room using "phone call" bypassing room password.  Investigating further, we found out that you can call any toll number in gotomeeting system, then enter the room ID and you will get in. No password asked.


Is there anyway to block phone call access into gotomeeting room ?


LogMeIn Contributor

Re: bypass gotomeeting room password

@phong15 If you scheduled your meeting with computer audio only, then there would be no telephone dial-in options for anyone to use.  I'll also add that you can 'see' these unidentified callers in your GoToMeeting control panel.  This way you can manage anyone on the phone, and if needed dismiss them as well.

New Contributor

Re: bypass gotomeeting room password

I know that scheduling a meeting with computer audio only will NOT give out any toll number for dial-in, but I found out that as long as you can get hold of any valid toll numbers belong to gotomeeting system, then you can call in, key in the access number when asked (which is just the room ID) and got into the meeting. 


And yes, I can see anyone getting in the meeting (displayed as a phone icon) and dismiss them as I wished, but clearly this is a SECURITY VULNERABILITY.  If anyone can access your meeting by using dial-in method, bypassing your room password, it's a violation of your room privacy.


If a meeting has a password, then there should be an associated passcode (PIN) to make sure only authorized attendee can get in via dial-in method.


LogMeIn Manager

Re: bypass gotomeeting room password

Hi @phong15 


Once your attendees have joined your meeting you can use the meeting lock feature to prevent anyone else joining the meeting or conference call in any way.


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