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New Contributor

cannot access account/ billing information

I need to contact customer support preferably via e-mail to explain my problem with not being able to access our company's gotomeeting subscription. This problem is not defined in any of the solutions.  I live in Turkey and there is time zone difference and possible language barrier) I cannot find a support e-mail or " explain your problem" box anywhere.

The domain name from which that the original subscription is made is not accessible anymore. The passwords do not work and we cannot access our account to use the system or access the payment information. We need urgent customer support contact!!!

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: cannot access account/ billing information

Hello irmakipek,

I'm sorry GoTo Customer Support does not have an email support option currently.


You can click on my Community name and send a private message to me with your account email spelling.  I may be able to check on its status for you if you cannot call directly into support (24 hour availability).