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New Contributor

iPad GoToMeeting and screen mirroring

I'm having issues sharing my iPad screen in gotomeeting while simultaneously screen mirroring using Apple TV.

If I start the gotomeeting first, I can screen share, but when I go to screen mirror I get a message that Air Play is not available.

If I screen mirror first using the Apple TV, gotomeeting will not allow me to screen share the iPad screen (nothing happens when I click Start Broadcast.

We frequently have meetings in our main office conference room while sharing with a second location, and we would like to use the iPad for gotomeeting (for the benefit of the second location) and mirror the screen to our large conference room TV for those present at our main office.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: iPad GoToMeeting and screen mirroring

Hi @jgerber ,

What your saying sounds logical, if only you had a desktop / laptop to run the GoTo software from.  I'm afraid with the iOS devices, they're only powerful enough to send that video feed to one place:  the Apple TV, or GoToMeeting screen capturing.