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New Contributor

Weird Microsoft Word problem while working through LogMeIn.

I use my laptop to work on a number of Microsoft Word documents located on my home desktop.  Lately, every so often and without my doing anything unusual, typing characters into the Word document suddenly makes a random Word or Microsoft pop-up window pop up and I cannot type any characters.  Clicking anything will make the pop-up window go away, but it comes right back the moment I type a character.  This ONLY happens when I'm using Word on the home desktop through LogMeIn on my laptop.  It does not happen on any other home desktop programs, and it never happens when I'm at home typing in Word directly to the desktop.  It's rarely the same pop-up window that pops up and stops my typing.  Sometimes it's the Windows Explorer window, sometimes it's a menu window for Word, sometimes something else.  Another variation is that sometimes my typing will work fine unless I type a CERTAIN character.  (Yesterday, I got a pop-up window every time I typed the letter L.)  As this problem never happens when I'm working on the desktop directly, but only when accessing it through LogMeIn, it seems clear it is a LogMeIn issue.  Is there a solution?