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Admin Credentials Required

Hello, I am a sysadmin for an MSP. A few of our clients use software called eClinicalWorks. eClinicalWorks switched to logmein to remotely log into PC's and assist our clients. Well, now the clients are calling us every time they put in a ticket with ECW becasuse they cant remote into their PC without admin credientals. 


Users go to this site, which seems to be the same as and they get prompted for administrator creds while running the downloaded app.


How can we provide access to all our users without giving them administrator or install rights? 

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Re: Admin Credentials Required

Hi @Echo4554 Have you checked this Authentication setting for Rescue techs? 

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Re: Admin Credentials Required

Sorry, I dont follow. The users download a file from and then they get prompted for Admin Creds. I'm not sure where this 'Organization Tree' and 'Technician Group' settings are. Would these directions be given to eClinicalWorks?

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Re: Admin Credentials Required

Hello Echo4554,


Yes exactly. These settings can be found in the Rescue Administrator Center. That center is available for the administrators who manage their technicians under the paid Rescue account. I assume that you are IT admin on the end user/applet side not in the Technician(probably eClinicalWorks) side.

If you are not responsible for the  Rescue Administrator settings, than this is not your cup of tea but the other company's administrator's.


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Re: Admin Credentials Required

I support many private medical practices. ECW made the right move to switch to LMIR over their previous VNC support. 


As a sysadmin, you should be happy they need to put in admin credentials on a non-admin account. Don't let ECW talk you into making local users admins to circumvent this. If anything it should be two-factor authentication for admin access.