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Desktop Connection Failing

Hey has anyone noticed recently with the new updates, there is a problem that happens intermitently with Remote Desktop control?
Every so often, it will just close and has to be re-established.

Anybody else getting this issue?
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RE: Desktop Connection Failing

This happens sometimes, although it's not new to me and I don't relate it to the new console. I think its caused by many things. For example, I notice that when the customer PC is TOO BUSY I loose the remote desktop and need to reconect. It also happens woth poor quality connections and when either me or the customer is using a WiFi connection.
Good luck!
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RE: Desktop Connection Failing

I have seen the same issue.  We have many people using the software, having 80+ license, and have had reports of the same issue where the Technician's Console would disconnect the screensharing or the connection to the client, and we would have to re-establish the connection.  We are not sure why this is occuring, but we have not seen this until the latest update in December. 
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RE: Desktop Connection Failing

In my experience, this is an inconsistent connection on my clients part. I usually run a ping command, like "ping -n 100" to see if the have a consistent connection. If any packets are lost generally I attribute it to their ISP.

To be as sure as possible I'll ping a couple other URL's, then inform of my results.

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RE: Desktop Connection Failing

This issue seems to have come up fairly recently in my experience. Today I had a 30 minute session and the remote control ended spontaneously about seven times. Clicking the remote control button lets me right back in as soon as the user accepts the warning.

The chat log just shows that the remote control has ended with no info about what caused it to close. I've used LogMeIn Rescue with various customers for months without seeing this problem until fairly recently. I suspect it is probably due to an unreliable internet connection at the customer's site, but I haven't really had time to diagnose what exactly is going on. (My customer's internet connection is really not of my concern when I'm using Rescue.) It would be nice if the remote desktop session could be restablished automatically the way the built-in Windows Remote Desktop does it without requiring me to keep clicking buttons and the customer to accept the permission dialog over and over.