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New Contributor

Freezing Issues

I use this software on a mac (Using Parallels to simulate Windows XP) and when someone tries to take control of my machine using this software it freezes.  All the connecting works without a hiccup, when they request the machine info it works fine, but as soon as they take control it freezes on my end.  I asked the other person about it and they said that they were controling my machine and edited a few files and sure enough, they were edited, but it appeared on my machine that nothing was happening, I just got that sucky beachball that spins and spins as if it was trying to think.  Then eventually it panics and quits... I have a feeling that it has something to do with a plug in that I dont have installed... Any ideas?  What makes matters even wierder is that when I was using the trial version it worked just fine, but as soon as I paid the money  it decided not to work any more.  Gotta love Murphey's Law...  Well, any info that you could shoot my way would be awesome, thanks in advance!