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Let guest take control of screen sharing

I've read but not yet tested the feature of being able to share my desktop.


Is this sharing the view only or can the user also take control of my desktop should I so wish?


I think this would be a really useful feature.  For example, I've had situation where when resolving an issue for a customer I've had to then make a call to vendor who then want to be able to dial in/RDP to check server settings.  If I could do this from my LMI session it would cut down on having to get firewalls etc. convfigured for vendor dial in support. 

Lee W.
Retired LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Let guest take control of screen sharing

The screen sharing feature does not allow the end user to take control of the technicians desktop.  We'll consider this a feature request. 


Thank you for your feedback!



Message Edited by AndyS on 01-16-2009 11:15 AM
Lee Weiner
Director, Products
New Contributor

Re: Let guest take control of screen sharing

Hi there.

Is this feature not part of rescue yet?

Used to use 'goto assist' in the past were this feature is part or the remote tool and the customer can fully take over the control of the session. This is vital when it comes down to password resets cause the user can set passwords himselfs and the tool takes the keyboard settings of customers keyboard. In a multi language environment with multiple keyboard settings quite handy.