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New Contributor

McAfee Endpoint Encryption login/lock screen and Rescue

My org uses McAfee Endpoint Encryption (EEPC) for our XP laptops. When a connection is made with Rescue and the screen moves to the login or lock screen (via CTRL+ALT+DEL or double-clicking the EEPC icon in the system tray) the following error comes up: 


Remote Control cannot connect to this Windows terminal session. This is a known issue with Windows 2000 and Windows XP, and can occur under certain, fairly rare conditions. To remedy this situation, have the local user switch to a different session (by, for example, logging on or off) or reboot the computer.

This action is a common issue with EEPC, as you frequently have to sync, enter password, re-enter password, etc. To help our customers, our support tech typically goes through all the steps and only has the customer enter their password where needed. With Rescue, this is not possible, as the above error message appears whenever the login and lock screens appear. 


Any ideas? Is this a Rescue issue or a McAfee issue?