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New Contributor

VoIp feature for logmein

does any body know if there is any VoIp feature for logmein?
I need to assist some clients but working with logmein and chat is ok, but It would be better if I could have any VoIp feature whit logmein... can someone help me?   I am using skype and logmein, but Two independent software is not valuable for my clients...

New Contributor

I would definitely vote yes to VOIP support.  My company uses LogMeIn Rescue to provide support for handheld devices.  Since most of our customers don't have simultaneous voice and data on their devices, it is very difficult to coordinate efficiently with them.  It's definitely an issue when the customer does not have a personal cell to use while we troubleshoot their issue.

It would be fantastic if they had a "phone number" through LogMeIn rescue that we could simply dial from the remote console to connect.  Too often we struggle with customers who can't even find the application to launch, even with specific instructions.  The ability to send a request to connect would be extremely valuable to my company and I.

New Contributor

I give support to users, but I need a voice conversation with them, normaly we used a phone call, but this is not very well for myself neither my clients, We need some kind of VoIP or whatever to get voice communication betwen support's agent and supported client

Active Contributor

This is something I asked for a year or so ago and I am pleased to see that others are also requesting it.


We use LogmeIn Rescue for our online support customers who are all over the world. At present we use the chat box which is okay as we can also keep a record of it but often we have to use Skype alongside so that we can talk to them and use live webcam to monitor what is happening.


I have been approached by our IT guy recently with the suggesttion that we change to another Remote Support supplier who already have this as part of their package. I am holding back as long as possible as I like and have got used to the way LMI Rescue works.


Please hurry up with Voip at the very least but preferably video too.