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New Contributor

Signature Key Creation Not Working

Every time  I try to enter the signature key for zero trust. I get to the Re-enter sig key screen, enter the key, click next and nothing happens. It just stays on the same page. I have refreshed, closed the browser, cleared cash, tried different keys, and nothing works. 


How do I get past this? And Since I can't download agents from my  account, is there an alterative way  downloads them? Or this a stopping point?

GoTo Contributor

Re: Signature Key Creation Not Working

Hi @hartdesk 

Welcome to the Community. 


We can certainly help investigate this further with you.  I see you already filed a case, so we'll have this prioritized for an outreach soon.  Also, feel free to call directly in, if we offer local phone numbers in your area (if not, click my Community name to send a private message with your direct phone number for a follow up). 


Thanks you. 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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