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File Manager

A technician for my employer requested that I visit LogMeIn for a screen-sharing session.  I was able to see what he was doing for the most part except at the point where he told me that he was going to copy a few of the files from my machine to his to see if he could replicate an issue I was having.


The LogMeIn screen said that he was using "File Management."  During this time, I was not able to see what he was doing with my files or which ones he was accessing.  This seems incredibly unsafe.  I cannot understand why your software does not show the user which files a technician is copying/searching/moving from their machine and what is being done with them.  


How can I tell what files were accessed, copied, or viewed during this "File Management" portion of the session?  

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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: File Manager

Hello TerriB!

Thank you for your feedback!

The related file actions are logged in your Rescue applet chatlog. If your machine is rebooted after the Rescue session was closed, the applet and all of its files should be deleted, but the technician's log has to be in our DB with the same data.

The technician's admin can get back this chatlog in the Rescue Admin Center's report section.

I have attached a screenshot, where you can see both chatlogs. In fact, my applet's language is Hungarian in my private laptop, but I underlined the connecting words in both logs.


I hope it is an anwser to your question, the Rescue provides a very safe remote control solution.