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Re: Support for technician console in Linux

yes I am a technician working on windows machines with LMI rescue and would love to use it on Ubuntu OS (Linux)

I use VMware player in unity mode but this is slower.


A vote from me for LMI Rescue for linux / ubuntu.





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New rescue app + WINE = Happy GNU Linux users - finally!

For the last 2.5 years I've run GNU Linux on all my machines, so using logmeinrescue has been a bit of a pain. (need to run it in a VM of winxp)


So when I needed to do a support session (multiple times every day) I needed to launch my VM (I use virtualbox) and then open IE, login, and then do everything from there.


I've been using the rescue applet in my VM's for a month or two now, and I like it.


For some reason it did not occur to me until today to try running it on my Linux Mint box in WINE. I downloaded WINE 1.3, installed. Then downloaded the msi file from the link in the email I got from logmeinrescue and boom. works great. Even the "tear-away windows" work!!


I am one happy man today! Thoght I would share with you all.

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Re: New rescue app + WINE = Happy GNU Linux users - finally!

I wanted to add - It should be pretty obvious, but logmein does not support or reccomend this setup (I'm sure).


This is just what worked for me, it may or may not work for you. In fact it may make your machine catch on fire and then it will attack your family.


you were warned.

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Re: New rescue app + WINE = Happy GNU Linux users - finally!

Only problem I have found is with the clipboard


Sometimes when copying stuff on the remote desktop the whole session hangs.


Other than that it  just works!



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Linux Support

To the LogMeIn staff: 


I'm a technician -- with 30 years of experience -- who fears that Windows 8 will be a total disaster for the majority of Windows end-users -- particularly those who are still using XP (over 50% of PC owners) and have no reason to upgrade, because XP still works fine for them. 


In our current decimated economy, I expect a large number of my customers to balk at buying a new PC to run Windows 8 when they really don't need one.  However, for a variety of reasons, continuing to use XP will become increasingly inviable once Win 8 is released. 


I'm making plans to suggest to these users that if they don't wish to upgrade their hardware and software -- and their IT needs are reasonably simple enough -- that they consider migrating to a Linux desktop like Ubuntu.  My only hesitation in this is that I cannot support them with LMIR.


I understand why LMIR has not provided support for Linux platforms.  I have no complaints about this decision.  However, I ask you to consider that Windows 8 will likely "throw a monkey-wrench" into the current IT marketing paradigm.  I expect that by the time the dust settles, Apple's market share will increase from 10% to 25%, and the Linux share will increase from 5% to 12% -- and those numbers will steadily increase. 


You have an opportunity to stay ahead of the remote-services "pack" by developing Linux support now.  I hope you will consider doing so.

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Re: New rescue app + WINE = Happy GNU Linux users - finally!

Oh this is greate news. I just tried, and it works very nice. Thanks!! 😄

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Re: New rescue app + WINE = Happy GNU Linux users - finally!

This seems to be working great in Ubuntu 12.04 under wine 1.4.


Thanks for the great tip, this may make the difference between me paying for this service or not!




- rs232c
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Step-by-Step tutorial on running LogMeIn Rescue on Linux with WINE

In case anyone was wondering how to do this, here is a step-by-step tutorial that shows how to setup the LogMeIn Rescue Technician Console in Linux using WINE:

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Re: LMI Rescue for Linux

You can use LogMeIn Rescue from a Linux machine to provide remote support to Windows machines. It's not officially supported, but here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to set it up:

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Logmein Rescue & Linux Mint

I have Linux Mint 16 running on my laptop. I assumed that although the Logmein rescue application would not work, the browser version of Rescue would work. I was wrong. Is there a way of making The rescue application work from within Firefox on Linux?