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Log me in rescue didn't uninstall correctly

Everytime I start my computer, I get the logmein rescue chat window with a message stating "Files are missing or corrupted" or something along those lines. It's weird that it's running, because I literally can't find ANY files left from the program or anything. 


The window is original from a text chat I had with a representative from Norton who installed/updated the anti-virus software on my computer, all of which is still there. I just don't know how to remove this window, or where the files for it are located. 

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Re: Log me in rescue didn't uninstall correctly

I have the same problem.  On Macbook Pro OS10.7.5.  Would like uninstall instructions.

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Re: Log me in rescue didn't uninstall correctly

Found the answer from another post:


The following information was very, very hard to find online. And it didn't come from LogMeIn. So I'm writing in the hopes that someone else who had LogMeInRescue auto-installed on ones Mac and then spent hours trying to remove it, will find this post and know how to get LogMeInRescue deleted out of the Mac. 


As of February, 2013, running both Lion and Mountain Lion (10.8.2), LogMeInRescue will no longer install in Applications, nor show up in Spotlight. It is also not in in Login Items in System Preferences. It no longer has anuninstaller, and will automatically open up at every fresh startup, even when you quit the application.
Here's how to locate the file and delete it : 
1. In Finder, hit Command-F, to open up a deeper version of Spotlight (do not use Spotlight in the upper right corner)
2. In the Search criteria near the top, select "System files" and "ARE included." 
3. In the Search field, type LogMeIn (Or the full LogMeInRescue, but it's best to find anything associated with this thing)
4. A hidden file will appear in the results field, revealing the following path:
Main Drive: private: var: tmp
5. The files associated with LogMeIn can be found in this tmp folder. Drag them to the trash, empty the trash, then restart the Mac. The LogMeInRescue will now be gone. 
I'm no software writer. But as a heavy Mac user for over 20 years, I've never seen an application that was this difficult to locate and remove from my Mac. 
At the very least, this information should be located on a prominent place on the LogMeIn site. It should also be given to all LogMeIn tech people, so they know this above process for removing it from their clients' Macs once they're done. 
owner, Brain Toniq
Boulder, CO