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Was I hacked after using logmein?!?


A couple of nights ago I remote connected to a broadband technician in India using Logmein Rescue - this was to fix my mobile broadband. He didn't do that much: ran cc cleaner and cleaned with the advanced tabs checked, reinstalled the software, rebooted. After 20 mins he realised that my area was down and it wasn't my computer (great service there!) and closed down the remote control. I deleted Logmein. I also unchecked "Allow remote connection" in the firewall settings for extra peace of mind.

After that my cable internet became really slow, less than 1 mbps on speedtest. I disabled the firewall for max 30 seconds to run another speed test, but no change. I then re-enabled the firewall.

The next day the speed was a little faster still not great, so I refreshed my PC and it's been fine ever since.

My question is, did the net slow down because I was being hacked after using this Logmein, or was it coincidence / something that he or I did?

Further questions I suppose are, how safe is Logmein and what is the likelihood that it would leave a port open or make my PC vulnerable somehow? Also, was disabling my firewall for 30 seconds long enough for it to be hacked??

I don't know much about how firewalls work. If a computer is compromised when the firewall is down, but then you enable it, will the firewall pick up the hostile connection??

Many thanks for your answers (to those who know more about these things!)

PS I don't distrust the technician. He works for 3 Mobile and I called their technical support line - he was not a scammer!

Also I am using Windows 8, Chrome & AVG security centre


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