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New Contributor

lock keyboard and mouse

It would be nice if when you remote in that you could lock the users keyboard and mouse and then give them a button on the client that they could unlock if they need access.  Would be nice to prevent users from hitting the mouse/keyboard. when you are working on their computer

New Contributor

I totally agree. We use LogMeInRescue to perform software installations that require a lot of assistance from our tech support staff. There are periods where the technician maybe be working on 3 or 4 sessions, and while they are off working on another machine, they come back to discover the user interferring with the process.
Nerds On The Ne
Active Contributor

good feature idea, aslong as there is a timeout or something should something crash. Who wants a computer that is forever locked lol. 
Matt Davis
Nerds On The Net
New Contributor

Yea i totally agree.

New Contributor

I definitely would like to see this intergrated as i use LMIR within a domain environment especially for road warriors so there is no case of security concerns here.

I've used it in Bomgar and it works a treat.


I also would like to see a blackout option so that end users cannot see what registry changes you do even though they cannot by GP i still like this option that again was in Bomgar.


And finally i would like the "revoke Unattended sessions" option removed or have the option to remove so that end users again cannot fart about and give me more work of setting the **bleep** thing up again.


I think these a 3 little things that can be easily intergrated given that i pay over $1200pa for this which you can find in free versions or other competitors...which yes..i may return to if i don't see any progress withsimple admisitrative options added.

Lee W.
Retired GoTo Contributor



Thanks for your support and feedback.  It is very important for us to get feedback from users like you so we can continue to develop great products. 


Keep the feedback coming.




Lee Weiner
Director, Products
New Contributor

Has there been any work towards this? 


Most of our clients are general users and even though they have been told that we will be controlling their workstations my techs continually have to "fight" over control of the mouse.  They continue to think they can "check something for just a second" while we are actively working on their issue.


As somone who uses this software daily, this would be a tremendous help for our business.

New Contributor

This would definitely be a nice feature.