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New Contributor

My company is a QBs ProAdvisor and Intuit uses as their way to share my screen and see issues. The computer I'm using is less than 1 yr old and running Windows 8.1.


Sometimes after I enter the pin, click Download, and then Run, the file doesn't start. I've tried clicking on the .exe file after the d/l and same results. Other options I've tried:


  1. Usie IE and switch to Chrome
  2. Deleted all the prior 123rescue d/ls
  3. Tried saving the d/l file to a different folder than the "Download file".

All of the above have not worked. However, about 60% of the time I can connect just fine. Intuit is reluctant to "support" this issue, but they are the paid subscriber to Rescue. I've called LMI tech support and even though I'm a paying LME & Hamachi subscriber, I can't get supplort from the level 2 tech for Rescue. The Level 1 tech was unwilling to help, make suggestions of where to find online help, etc. He told me that Intuit has to submit a request for help and Intuit tells me they can't do that. I am fairly tech savvy, so any parts of the computer you want me to delve into, holler.


I'm reaching out here. Please respond to: please.


The email address connected with this account goes to the registered person for our company. I'm hopeful that one of you intelligent souls has a fix for this issue.


Thanks in advance for your help.



Jim Duvall