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LogMeIn Rescue applet persists after ending session



On a handful of occasions, I've had it where the rescue applet stays on the end user's computer after I ended and closed a session.  It persists through restart.  Is there any clean\easy way I can direct the end user to completely remove it from their computer.  It' s also a challenge for me to do it, as I have to use rescue to completely remove the rescue from their machine which is obviously a catch-22.  Note this is the chatbox applet, I'm not talking about the unattended access feature.




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Re: LogMeIn Rescue applet persists after ending session

My company has been experiencing this as well. The service won't end and remove itself on the user's computer after support has disconnected. The service keeps running even after a restart and it can't be killed through task manager. 

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Re: LogMeIn Rescue applet persists after ending session

Hi there,

This behavior can be seen if a technician ends a LogMeIn Rescue session while disconnected from their client (either during the process of a reboot or because of connectivity problems). 


To immediately fix the problem:

  1. Run services.msc
  2. Look for a service referencing LogMeIn Rescue
  3. Right-click on the service and select Properties
  4. Copy the service name
  5. Open a Command Prompt with admin privileges
  6. Enter: sc delete (followed by a space) then paste the UA service name by right-clicking in the command prompt window
  7. DeleteService SUCCESS will then be displayed
  8. Reboot the affected PC to finalize everything