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Would it be possible to get this  page at the top of search results? I get troubel at least 50% of the time telling a user to type "" into the ADDRESS bar, but they just type it into a Google search instead. It takes half an hour to get prople logged in & 10 mins to fix their problem!

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I second that...almost everyone types that into google and then they end up on the site and don't understand what you are talking about when you tell them to enter their pin.
Retired GoTo Contributor

When I type '' into Google, the first link I get is indeed the correct link (NOT the sponsored link in yellow, but the one below it) that URL merely redirects you to

Sean Keough
Product Specialist, LogMeIn Customer Support
New Contributor

I know this doesn't "fix" the issue of optimizing the page's search rankings, but what I have done was to put the code (which logmein makes available to everyone) into my own webpage.


This solved two different problems for me, 1) I was able to create a unique, more easily identifiable domain name for people to find (you can then control the search engine optimization and related ranking), and 2) it helps me mask the technology just enough to make it look like we have created a value added resource, not just used someone else's technology.


For those who are in a corporate environment or use a help desk system, you can simply embed the code in one of your own (existing) web pages, or within a subdomain.  i.e.. If your corporate site is, you can create a direct login page with a subdomain like


This has worked great for us...

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We don't experience much of this problem, but it happened recently that someone was ending up at the main LMI page. 


Couldn't they add a link to the on the main page?  It could be off to the corner somewhere out of the way.

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There's something great that you can do if your client get on the wrong page.

If they get on the logmein regular page instead of the 'logmein123' page, you can simply ask them to enter the 6-digit pin as the 'e-mail' value in the top right corner... they'll get connected to you as if they would have been on 'logmein123'...




Rob H
Retired GoTo Contributor

Great catch Maxime- that will in fact work, it's an undocumented feature. To recap: an end user can go to and just put the Rescue pin code in the upper right hand corner email field.
Rob H
LogMeIn Sales Engineer