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Please do something about the SCAMMERS using Rescue to RIP people off.

I have asked about this through email and got nowhere so far.

I keep getting told it is too hard for them to find the scammers using their product to rip off inocent people.


Here is a definite company to watch out for as per this article:


They use Rescue to rip off many people daily, and it is making legitimate support compnanies and LogMeIn look bad.

Especially when the customer says to me that is the same way the scammers got on my computer when I go to use Rescue to legitimately help them.


They have to be stopped and what better way then not allowing them to use this service.

All my customers that I have dealt with so far have told me they are Indian call centres based on the accents. That has to at least help to narrow it down...


Tighten up the trial and sales process before this kills people's trust in using Rescue.