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Unattended access connection stuck on "In Session" status

I'm using unattended access to a network closet PC that I'm using to do things like update router firmware (yes, I realize it's typically better to do that on site, just trying to save myself the drive).


The firmware updates on the router are going fine. But this is a router that is somewhat behind on updates and requires me to do all the updates one at a time. So I have to update firmware, reboot router, install next update, reboot router, etc. I have about 10 to go.


Problem is that when the router reboots after each firmware update (which briefly kills Internet connectivity for the whole office), LogMeIn Rescue loses its connection. Fine, no problem, just wait for it to reconnect. Except it never does, and that particular machine just stays on the "In Session" status in my LMI Rescue Tech Console's unattended access list for at least 30 minutes.


I've confirmed with one of the users that their Internet connectivity only takes about a minute to come up after each router reboot, so it's not an issue where the router failed to reboot or something. But it takes LMI Rescue a good 30 minutes (or more) to update the status for this machine to Online, and I can't reconnect or do anything with the machine while it's stuck on that "In Session" status.


Any workaround for this? It's really annoying. This is just a headless PC in a network closet, and the sole reason I put it there was so I could do stuff like this over a remote connection without having to drive over there (or annoy users by taking over their workstations while they're trying to work). But if I'm going to have to wait 30 minutes (or more, I've seen it stuck for hours in some cases) for the "in session" status to refresh and let me back in, it'll probably be quicker for me to just drive over to the place (between a 1-2 hour drive) with a laptop.

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Re: Unattended access connection stuck on "In Session" status

I'm having the same problem with the false "In Session" status on different PCs or servers that happens usually after a long hold time.  This happens about once a month on any of the PCs or servers I have put on "Hold" for a day or two.

I just contacted support and they are telling me that I have to close the session on the remote system!  As I told them that's why I set up an "UNATTENDED" session so that I would not need to have a person on the other end for any reason. Seems like a catch 22!

I would like to add a "Cancel" feature / button at the bottom of the list of Unattended Computers Window similar to the "Connect", "Delete", or "Close".

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