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Re: Hamachi Offline at Startup

Good morning, I started to use hamachi on computers with windows 10, I don't know about previous versions of Windows. Anyway, I don't think it depends on windows version, the services are correctly loaded and if "connection button" is pressed all goes right. Maybe Hamachi tries to start the network adapter too quickly at windows startup and if the attempt goes wrong Hamachi sets the client as offline without trying a second attempt.

Have a nice day.

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Re: Hamachi Offline at Startup

Thank you Bir.

I use Hamachi from several years ago and I have exactly the same problem of you, only with version > Win 7, but it could be a coincidence.

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Re: Hamachi Offline at Startup

Ok, I contacted the support and I had a possible answer.

They suggested me to check a setting in a configuration file and possibly to change the value of that key from 0 to 1. Unfortunately, at the moment I can only do it on a couple of machines and since the problem does not always occur, it will take several days to understand if something has changed. If others have the same problem we are talking about and want to help understand if the solution is valid, we can do a much better job the more computers are involved in the verification.

To do this test, first stop the LogMeIn Hamachi service from the services screen: These are the suggested steps:


Press the Windows key and R at the same time to produce a Run box

Type in the Run box “Services.msc” and hit enter

In the Services window that appears, locate and right click on LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling and select Stop


Then verify and eventually change the value (on my two accessible machines it was = 0), following these steps:


On your system, locate the following folder:

C:\WINDOWS\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Local\LogMeIn Hamachi

Open the h2-engine.cfg file

Locate Core.AutoLogin and change the value to 1

Save the file

Start Hamachi again


So, if someone wants to try this possible solution, his feedback will be a great help

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Re: Hamachi Offline at Startup

Alextyx- Thank you for your idea. We had two of us using LMI-Hitachi. A few hours ago (Sat. night) I had a "grey" presentation for my network and the two users registered on it. I could see one user with a "black font" name (but dot was grey), suggesting he was online and on Himachi. He did not see me thru his Himachi except as a grey entry on his network. We use LMI-Himachi every Sat. night and have not altered it since last week. However, I installed a major MS patch beginning Friday and finishing on start-up today, Saturday. Followed your instructions carefully (Notepad spaces out 1 and 0 to start of next variable; Notepad users will also see that the Core.AutoLogin was immediately preceded by the number "41"). We both found Core variable set to 0. I set mine to 1 and everything ran fine; display of my friend's LMI-H was normal with a green dot. My friend left his at 0 and it still worked. Hope this feedback is useful to you, Alex.

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Re: Hamachi Offline at Startup

Many thanks! I hope every feedback could be useful for Hamachi support, at least. I have a first feedback, too, but I have to try once again before to say something for sure. The first PC on which I set the value from 0 to 1, has that key once again = 0 and, in fact, it started with the **bleep** grey icon. So I suspect I didn't act properly. I'll set once again to 1 the value, then I'll close and open again the file and I'll check if the new value will be correctly set to 1. Then we will see if it will be maintained. My guess is I didn't do the change properly, but it could be possible that something  changed it after my variation.

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Re: Hamachi Offline at Startup

Just to update my earlier entry. We have had uninterrupted Hamachi service since making changes described by Alextyx in my earlier message. Everything has been in green (when appropriate). While two other folks are still running with unchanged Hamachi, I have kept the change and have had no further problems. My guess is this is an individual user problem with the user's Hamachi not able to be seen by others with functional Hamachis; the problem is in something done by Windows in an idiosyncratic fashion vs. the user's Windows configuration. With the new big Windows patch coming out today, users might want to use this as a starting place for regaining functionality if it is lost after the patch. My thanks again to Alextyx.

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Hamachi is offline

When you click the button to go online, a message appears that says "Check the Knowledge Base or contact LogMeIn Customer Support at" what do I do?
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Re: Hamachi Offline at Startup

Check out the post I made on another thread. Not an ideal solution but It does the job for me.


Hi guys, 

I created a batch file that turns on hamachi and enables a network on startup. To get it to run subtletly on startup I created a shortcut to the file and changed the properties so it starts minimized.

Open notepad and paste in the following code.


cd C:\Program Files (x86)\LogMeIn Hamachi\x64
hamachi-2.exe --cli login
hamachi-2.exe --cli go-online <network ID>

NB:     1: The first line will vary depending on the location of your hamachi install

             2: Replace the "<network ID>" with the numerical identifier displayed when you hover over your Network in the Hamachi client. 


Save As and add ".cmd" to the file. Store it somehwere safe (I put it in the hamachi folder) and create a  shortcut.

Open start menu, type "run" and press enter.

Type "shell:startup" to open your startup folder and move the shortcut here. Finally right click on the shortcut, click properties and change the dropdown menu adjacent to "run" to Minimized.

Hope this helps, I'm not a coder so aplogies if this doesn't work for you. I built this out of some very basic how to guides and some trial and error with the hamachi-2.exe in CMD.