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Certificate example and enhancements?

Hi all,

Can you post an example of the certificate in GoToWebinar? Also, I want to know if the feature has been enhanced since it was launched. I found  I could not use it because I need to only issue it to particpants who stayed throughout the session (at least 95% of the time), not everyone who logged in. When it launched it did not have that feature.  It also has to have a facsimile of a signature of the presenter or host, and at launch it did not.  I've posted an example of what we use now, to illustrate what is required for our partcipants.

personalized certificate sample.png

Fran Simon
Engagement Strategies
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Re: Certificate example and enhancements?

Hi Fran,

Thanks for the feedback !


This article will house an updated GoToWebinar Certificate example:


I don't know yet if there will be a 100% attendance setting available in the future...