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Loretta Zielke
New Contributor

Change Email Address and Re-send Confirmation

In Go To Training, when I client registers and uses an incorrect email address am I able to change email address and resend confirmation without deleting registration and re-registering client?
GoTo Manager

Re: Change Email Address and Re-send Confirmation

Hi Loretta,

I'm sorry no, you cannot edit an attendee's registration information at this time. This is mainly to prevent abuse i.e. someone registering people in bulk without their consent and then using our notifications to spam them.
Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Rick Harris
Active Contributor

Re: Change Email Address and Re-send Confirmation

I agree with Loretta that it would be useful to be able to correct someone's email address and resend the registration.  I'm not sure I understand how this ability would allow me to register people in bulk and them spam them???  I just want to correct an obvious email address error and resend.