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create readonly reports

Hello,we need to store the information about training participants, and we see there are reports in excel/csv that can be used for that.
These reports are helpful to us because in the past some customers claimed they didn't participate to the class, in order to not to pay.
The fact the report is in excel is a problem, because it's modifiable. Is there not a way to provide a kind of proper report in pdf or on a un modifiable format?
Thank you
GoTo Manager

Re: create readonly reports


Using the following steps you can password protect your excel report so that it cannot be edited by anyone:
  • Click the Microsoft Office Button , click Save As, and on the bottom of the Save As dialog, click Tools.
  • On the Tools menu, click General Options. ...
  • Under File sharing, in the Password to modify box, type a password.
  • In the Confirm Password dialog, re-type the password.
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