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Interest Rating



I work for a regulatory agency that reviews continuing education. We approved webinars, but only if the webinar software can release a report that indicates how long the user had the webinar as the active screen. I understand that GoToWebinar has this in their interest rating as Attentiveness (A); however, this attentiveness is not released.


Will GoToWebinar release this part of their algorithm separately? We are currently unable to approve GoToWebinar without this attentiveness released. 

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Re: Interest Rating

Have you looked at the Interest Rating column in the Attendee report?


The Time In Session column shows how long the attendee was connected to the webinar.  The Interest Rating column is a percentage of the time spent in the webinar with the webinar as the active window.


To get your " how long the user had the webinar as the active screen" you can multiply one by the other.  Thus if an Attendee spent 47 minutes in the webinar with an Interest Rating of 90 percent, (47 * 0.90) you get 42.3 active minutes.

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Re: Interest Rating

The interst rating is a combination of 7 factors (The equation is: (R+P+Q+(N-1)(A)+S+L)/2N-2). Time in session would show end time minus start time. This would just be the time they were connected to the webinar service.


One of the Interest Rating's factors is (A) Attentiveness "Percent of time the GoToWebinar Viewer is the primary window on the attendee's screen."

This is specifically what we are looking for.