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New Contributor

Registration and Attendee Reports



I have questions about these two reports and the analytics charts based on a webinar we ran yesterday.


Registration Report and Analytics:

The Dashboard thumbnail for the webinar says "20 registered", the registration report shows the 20 registrations, but the analytics chart shows 17 registrations.  Why the discrepancy?


The Attendee Report:

The attendee report shows attendees who logged in via the web/app interfaces, but one attendee who joined via telephone is not logged as attending.  Should he have been logged or do telephone attendees not get logged in the system?   This is an issue as the webinar attendance in this instance is a compliance requirement.




LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Registration and Attendee Reports

@craigdooley  To answer your questions here,

  1. Analytics should be accurate, but do not contain data from phone-only participants
  2. Furthermore, there is not a report for phone-only participants at this time, though it is a popular customer request.  Unfortunately I have not heard of any plans to create a phone report of this type.