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New Contributor

our Participants had a lot connection problem to webinar



lately (actually in our last 3 webinars) our Participants started to have connection problems from their cell phones (android / iPhone).


when they try to log in, it's not letting them and ask to come back again later...


we have every webinar about 100 potential customers that can't login... what make us lose a lot of money...what can be the reason they can't log in?


in the past, we had no problems like that... it's new...



LogMeIn Contributor

Re: our Participants had a lot connection problem to webinar

Hi @idanwall ,

I'm concerned to hear of this trend with your attendees.

When it comes to mobile connections there are several factors that come into play.  Make certain that attendees know to download the GoToWebinar mobile app before joining in advance.  Then if they have connection problems, I would make sure you are not in practice mode, and suggest a reboot of the mobile device and reconnection to  wifi network if necessary.