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New Contributor

g2mupload.exe crashing in latest build of GoToMeeting

I have an employee who's application updated to the most recent build last week. Each time he ends a meeting, he receives an "GoToMeeting has stopped working" error. The details from the error are:


Problem signature:

  Problem Event Name:  APPCRASH

  Application Name:        g2mupload.exe

  Application Version:

  Application Timestamp:              5cbd4182

  Fault Module Name:    g2m.dll

  Fault Module Version:

  Fault Module Timestamp:          5cbd416c

  Exception Code:             40000015

  Exception Offset:           008e76f2

  OS Version:      6.1.7601.

  Locale ID:          1033

  Additional Information 1:           2264

  Additional Information 2:           2264c7f5492cc779a3d4b4e473572e43

  Additional Information 3:           1b6f

  Additional Information 4:           1b6f65d7a9d0af59e6f35bc1341ff058


From what I understand, G2MUpload .exe is a process responsible for uploading statistics on audio issues. This user says that the error message does not seem to affect his use of the application but nonetheless, is still disconcerting and annoying as it appears at the end of nearly every meeting.

This did not seem to happen with the previous build. Has anyone else experinced this module crashing with GTM and Windows 7 Professional? TIA

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: g2mupload.exe crashing in latest build of GoToMeeting

@cduval04  If you infact believe this problem to be build specific, we can always try the newest GoTo build: 8.44... 


Please click my Community name in order to DM me the affected Organizer email in this case. Otherwise, it would also help to know any local security applications on that system, and if the user has gone through a full re-install yet.