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Re: ip range gotomeeting

Not asking for reserved static IP addresses. Just asking for transparency and any information about your changed network traffic to our organization (and others). So far all we have been given is a runaround and a shoulder shrug about third parties. This makes your answer, "Whitelist every country we have (or pay for) a data center in", which is incredibly unsafe.


The firewall documentation should be updated to reflect that your traffic can come other countries through other providers and through unknown ip ranges/blocks. The fact that there is no one documenting this traffic from other countries and the only answer given is "third party providers" is very worrying.


You do have the ability to route network traffic through trusted locations before making it to your clients. That is made evident by this not being an issue 100% of the day.


New Contributor

Re: ip range gotomeeting

As mentioned in our Whitelisting and Firewall Configuration, whitelisting by IP ranges instead of domain names for the firewall configuration is discouraged unless absolutely necessary because our IP ranges and those of our third-party provider networks need to be periodically audited and modified UPSers Login