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jim d
New Contributor


My mom has mid stage Alzheimer's.  We can't "let her" use a computer herself, but would like to be able to send pictures, videos, notes and things like these to a monitor above her fireplace to liven up her day.  We could set up and run her desktop remotely and, presumably, power her monitor with some kind of wireless link.  She has terrible bandwidth there so we'd have to keep the files small, or take a lot of time to get them over.
Do you know of anyone else using GTMPC in  similar fashion?
Dale Milani
New Contributor

Re: Alzheimers

don't know, but what a great dear hubby of 52 yrs has had alz/ for, "they say" 9 yrs, so I hope someone will answer and good luck w/ your mom!
LogMeIn Manager

Re: Alzheimers

Hi Jim,

Technically you could do this using GoToMyPC by mounting a monitor or TV and then remotely updating a folder of pictures that the PCs screen saver would use. My recommendation however would be to look into a digital photo frame that has WiFi. There are a number of them available and they will show pictures from online photo services/folders that your family could all access and update. 
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