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New Contributor

GoTo Meeting will not stay pinned to my start menu

I try keep GoTo Meeting pinned to my start menu but it keep disappearing from the pinned programs and appearing under recently added.  I then repin it and arrange the icons again only to have it disappear again the following week.


I think this happens everytime an update is pushed.  It seems to think every update is a new install.  Is there any way to keep this program pinned to start and not have it disappear every couple weeks?  GoTo Meeting is the only program I have this problem with.


I am on Winows 10 and just repinned the icon this morning Verison 8.24.0 Build 8569

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: GoTo Meeting will not stay pinned to my start menu

Hi there,

Sorry for any confusion on our part. 


If GoToMeeting gets 'unpinned' from your taskbar, it should still be listed on Window 10 in 'Recently Added' or 'Most Used' if you click the start button.


If you have GoToMeeting set for auto startup, then there should also be a small icon in your taskbar, sometimes hiding under an arrow icon.  You can even drag these 'hidden' tray icons down next to your clock to be more readily available.



New Contributor

Re: GoTo Meeting will not stay pinned to my start menu

Hi Ash,

Thank you for the responce. I realize the program is listed under Recently Added if it disappears from the start menu.  I am wondering if there is a way to keep the icon from disappearing from the Start menu all together so I don't have to keep repinning it from Recently Added everytime an update is pushed.  


If there is no way, please consider this a feature request. It is not really ideal to have a program that needs to identify itself as new program everytime it updates.  I have other programs that do an uninstall/reinstall for each package update and they stay pinned to the start menu with no problem.