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New Contributor

Screen Blanking on windows all-in-one computers

Could you please ask the developers to look into a fix with screen blanking on all-in-one computers? I've called support twice 2 months apart and both times after trying to troubleshoot was told that it is a known issues that developers would have to fix, but as far as they know they have no plans on doing that. It seems more likely for consumers to be moving towards all-in-ones and to not be concerned with functionality on all devices shows a level of indifference toward the customers experience.

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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Screen Blanking on windows all-in-one computers

Hi @brmu ,

Unfortunately GoToMyPC has never worked well with screen blanking these environments because it was designed to disable a plugged in display.  This is not a 'bug' per se, as I don't believe there's any ETA on developing a workaround.  If this should change we'll be sure to update the Community here.