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Resolution changes after I do remote session

A weird problem has started when I use LogMeIn Pro to access a remote computer.


I use computer A to connect into computer B. Computer B is at 1920 x 1028. When I connect, Computer A's logmein is set to use 1920x1080 on Computer B, and that is how the screen comes up. All is fine.


When I go to the physical location where computer B is however, after doing a remote session, screen resolution is set to 1024x768. Display accelerator has been set to off. Display card is NVIDIA Quadro 5010M.



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Re: Resolution changes after I do remote session

Can anyone help with this problem?

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Re: Resolution changes after I do remote session

I experienced this when the outlets that the monitors at a remote site tripped.  They lost power.  After restoring power, the monitors began mirroring this behavior.


When I connect remotely, everything looks fine on my end and at the remote site's end.

When I disconnect, the resolution on the remote end distorted and went to an incompatible resolution.


Fix:  While not remotely connected, have someone at the remote site right click the desktop and select "Screen Resolution" or "Display Settings" (depending on their version of Windows).  Then have them click the dropdown box under Resolution and select the "Recommended" setting or whichever you prefer.  Have then click Apply and Okay.


This takes care of the issue going forward.