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Double cursor

After updating LogMeIn to version (LogMeIn host - Mar 12 2021 17:10). We have started to get complaints from users.

The only workaround that I found is when changing display Color from HD to regular, but it slows the connection, The Windows user interface works with a delay. So, we need the HD mode.



 - Vmware ESXi VM

- OS Win10 with the latest updates at this moment

- Latest VMWare tools

- LogMeIn host 

- LogMeIn client 1.3.5214

GoTo Moderator

@MilesBecky  The patch is still finalizing testing, though I believe it's very close to full release. 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Can't wait for the final release. 

New Contributor

I had this issues as well. I turned off the screen blanking option when connected to a remote computer, and that eliminated the issue for me.

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Can't believe it! This actually worked for me. Un-checked the screen blanking and the mouse cursor became normal.  Thanks Raptorman1 😊

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I installed today the newest update and the double cursor was hidden at first but when clicked the screen blanking it appeared again, yes I saw a workaround but literally I want to have a solution than this. Is there any update regarding the new version?

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Yeah. i have given up hope on these balnk screen and dual cursor problem. Its been months and no fixed unless u uninstall the logmein display driver, uninstall Logmein and restart. The install their "test build" which is yet to be in final version.  The download link should be somewhere in this thread. It works for blank screen and dual cursor issue.


to dependent on Logmein for our "work from home" employee. 

New Contributor

Hi all,


My LogMeIn no longer suffers from the double cursor issue when I turn on screen blanking. I am running (Nov 11 2021) on the host and 1.3.5282 on the client.


Due to the above reports, I am scared to mess with the settings but the issue has been gone since I got my admin to update it on Nov 11.


Usernames have been removed in the below screenshots. Top is host and below the client.