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The user of one remote unattended (V4.8 1702) has found a way to block



We've been using this for many years with excellent overall success. But, for the first time, I have a problem that has me stymied.


I installed the remote unattended client and it works fine. The machine shows up on my list as "Online" and everything is normal. Then, after a while, the machine shows as "Offline" when I know it's online. I ask someone else to go to the machine and hook me up through the webpage with a support key I supply and I can hook up OK. At this time, this machine's appearance on my list of unattendeds changes to "Blocked." I right-click the system tray icon, unattended, and the "Block" option is checked but it is also grayed out so I can't change it. Perhaps this is normal if it detects I'm trying to unblock via the manually-connected session I am using.


When I disconnect from this manually-established session, the machine's appearance in my list goes back to "Offline."


I checked the service and it is running and set to Automatic.


Can anyone clue me in to how a user is deactivating or blocking the unattended?




- Paul


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Re: The user of one remote unattended (V4.8 1702) has found a way to block

Hi @Paul98101 


As you saw, the Unattended client has an option in the menu to block Unattended sessions. This is for their privacy and security, but is not enabled by default. Your client can go back to the menu and uncheck this option to allow unattended connections again when they wish.


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Re: The user of one remote unattended (V4.8 1702) has found a way to block

So it's normal behavior for me to see that checked "Block" option grayed out when I look at it during an attended support session that was started manually with a key? That would make sense since you can't setup unattended during a manual session.